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When daylight came at around 9 o`clock AM, some 20 buildings was down in the quick clay or on their way down the some 700 meters long and 300 meters broad landslide. 2021-01-02 · Quick clay is a sort of clay found in Norway and Sweden that can collapse and turn to fluid when overstressed. The authorities have banned all aircraft from the disaster area until 3pm (14:00 GMT 2.1 Essential facts about quick clay and quick-clay slides 9 2.2 The 1978 Rissa landslide, Sør-Trøndelag county 11 2.3 The 1996 Finneidfjord slide, Hemnes municipality, Nordland county 14 2015-04-30 · The quick clay exists as layers or planes in clay sediments with normal sensitivity, but in many places the entire clay stratum is comprised of quick clay (Lindskog, 1983). Our test site ( Fig. 1 ) is about 7 km north of the town of Lilla Edet, where the Göta landslide occurred in 1957. The quick-clay landslide in Verdal, where a total of 116 people perished in 1893, is also well documented (e.g.

Quick clay landslide

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This video shows what is almost certain to be a quick clay landslide. It occurred in the morning of Wednesday 3 June 2020; the video has been posted to Youtube. The quick clay landslide created a ravine in the village of Ask. Credits: Forbes/NTB/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES A massive quick clay landslide struck in a Norwegian village sweeping away buildings. The landslide occurred in the village of Ask, located in the municipality of Gjerdurm on December 30, 2020. Quick clay has been the underlying cause of many deadly landslides.

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I avhandlingen Predicting Spatial and Stratigraphic Quick-clay Distribution in SW Sweden av Martin Persson presenteras en metod för att  av B Alte — Leran inom Askeslättsområdet är ofta lättstörd (rapid) A trigger mechanism in large landslides in sensitive of the shear strength of clay by the fall-conetest. Quick clay—A case study of chemical perspective in Southwest Forty years since the Tuve landslide - Science Faculty Magazine. fuld størrelse.

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A046 Z-99 Resistivity Imaging for Mapping of Quick Clays for Landslide Risk Assessment Introduction 1 T. DAHLIN 1 V. LEROUX 1 R. LARSSON 2 and K. The Quick Clay Landslide at Rissa - 1978 (English commentary). On the 29th of April 1978, a quick clay landslide devastated large areas of the rural district  The Quick Clay Landslide at Rissa - 1978 (English commentary).

“This is the largest landslide in recent times in Norway, considering the number of houses involved and the number of … 2016-05-23 2009-10-01 This landslide occurred in Alta, Norway on June, 3th, 2020 It is a typical example of the behavior of quick clay.
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extent of quick clay is of great interest for planning and protection purposes, as the position of quick clay within slopes has a major impact on the landslide risk.

The slide measured 2300 feet by 984 feet (700m by 300m). The collapse injured at least 10 people with one seriously injured.
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2020-12-30 · Overnight, a large quick clay landslide has struck the village of Ask in the municipality of Gjerdurm in Norway. News reports from this landslide are a little confused as I write this – unsurprisingly – but it is clear that the slide has swept away a number of houses. Reports suggest that up to nine people might have been injured. 2021-02-25 · In a quick clay landslide, disturbed clay starts to ooze down a mountain or hill, carrying topsoil and anything on it, such as homes and trees, along with it.